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Heavy Highway and Demolition Contractor in Binghamton, New York

Gorick Construction Co., Inc. is a full-service heavy highway and demolition contractor in Binghamton, New York, providing estimates with computerized modeling to help you with any design discrepancies.
Big Scoop, Demolition Contractor in Binghamton, NY

We attack every project head on to give you the highest quality product in the most timely and cost effective way.

Every project is unique and has its own requirements, ranging from site-specific conditions to schedules. Our company uses a TRIMBLE GPS Grade Control to complete each job the right way. In addition, our response time is often within 24 hours.

Your First Choice to Call
For more than 60 years, Gorick Construction Co., Inc. has been meeting the heavy highway and demolition needs of the Southern Tier.

We have become a recognized leader in the Southern Tier by doing "Whatever It Takes" to provide quality service along with the right equipment for any project.

TRIMBLE GPS 3D Grade Control:

• Increases Productivity (Fewer Passes   Needed to Reach Finish Grade)

• Eliminates High-Cost Material Overruns

• Lowers Investment (One System Works for  Rough and Finish Grade)

• Grade to Tighter Tolerances

• Improves Grading Accuracy up to 300% over Standard 3D GPS Systems


Services Available:

• Landfill and Environmental Construction
• Demolition and Removal
• Crushing and Recycling
• Excavating
• Computerized Take Off with 3D Modeling
• Roadway Construction
• Parking Lot Construction
• Heavy Highway Construction 
• Building Sports Facilities
• Site Development
• Land Clearing
Our Line of Equipment:
• High Reach Demolition Excavators
• Excavators (19)
• Bulldozers (14)
• Front Loaders (16)
• Backhoes (4)
• Off Road Articulated Trucks (7)
• Dump Trucks (8)
• Dump Trailers (5)
• Graders
• Rollers (5)
• TRIMBLE GPS Systems  (4)
• Demolition Shears
• Magnets
• Crushers

Contact us today to request demolition services or for more details on highway construction.